November 25, 2020


By Joseph Saladi

Black Friday - The Opposite of Consumption is Creation

On a day and in a time where “new new new” is constantly encouraged and the purchasing of trends and fashion is all too often wasteful… today we ask you not to buy anything new but instead to create. We believe that creation is the opposite of consumption. 

What better way to give to the world and to give to yourself than to sit down, spend time on creating something with your hands. Take the time today to be grateful for all that we have, the opportunities, the friends, family, love and of course the ability to build something or create something. 

We’d like to ask you today, to keep your hands away from your wallets and instead pick up a pencil, a paint brush or a crayon and get creating. 

We have a fun JOYN print for you to colour in or if you’re feeling super creative we’d like to ask you to design a new print for us! Something you feel would look so beautiful on a bag, something that our makers could hand print onto a design.

A note from our founder: 

Creativity doesn't just exist in a few, rather is a part of each one of us. We were made to create! After such a year as this, we can't think of anything better to do the day after Thanksgiving, then to stop, give thanks for all we have, enjoy our family and friends, and CREATE things together! JOYN us!” - Melody Murray, Founder and CEO of JOYN.

The person who's design our founder loves the most will be featured on a bag in 2021. So get designing: 



We're excited to see what you create. 

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