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  • FOUND BY JOYN - A Photography Series

    FOUND BY JOYN - A Photography Series
    Nestled in the Himalayan foothills is KKM. Once a bustling hub of spinning and weaving, now out of use, quiet and still. Hidden at the back a small shop remains. A treasure trove filled with the last of the hand woven textiles created here. You can feel the beauty of hours poured into each ream of canvas now piled up upon the old work surfaces. Such craftsmanship hidden away, but with a story yet to tell. 
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  • Mothering Moments to Treasure Forever

    Mothering Moments to Treasure Forever
    For Mother's Day this year, we spoke to our JOYN community and asked them to share a mothering moment they'll treasure forever. 

    We know being a mom comes with all kinds of ups and downs, but this year we wanted to celebrate those special moments, the ones that we cherish and hold on to forever.
    Enjoy a read through these mothering moments from the beautiful community that makes up JOYN; block printers, bag wearers, handbag makers, designers and more and a Happy Mother's Day to you.
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  • Our Natural Dye Journey

    Our Natural Dye Journey
    As we often say, we have always wanted to make product that deserves to exist. We’ve discovered over the years though, that this is much easier said than done. The hurdles in the way of those two goals are immense, and quite unexpected. You would think you could just choose a path and that would be that, but it’s not quite so simple.
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  • JOYN's commitment to Fashion Revolution

    JOYN's commitment to Fashion Revolution
    We don’t say this lightly; we are IN on the Fashion Revolution. Because we live and work with our artisans; many of whom have grown up in challenging and vulnerable communities, we have seen firsthand the potential for abuse and mistreatment of humans and the world’s resources. We would like to be at the front of the wave that is pursuing change. 
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