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Who made my bag?

Who made my bag?

This Fashion Revolution Week a spotlight is shone on the impact of the fashion industry on people and planet. It’s a time to reflect, to read up and take action and to reimagine the fashion industry as a powerful force for change.
From the beginning, we set out to be a different kind of business - a conduit for opportunities in underserved communities, bringing hand made products to people across the world with fairness, equality and justice.
This week we thought we’d take a moment to share with you more about who we are and how we work as we commit to being at the front of the wave that’s pursuing change.

Where is my JOYN bag made?

We’re proud to be one of few fashion brands that does its manufacturing in house. This gives us true transparency on how our products are made and ensures we can commit to paying above living wage while creating a work environment with community at its heart. It means we know our artisans personally, we are committed to their growth and well-being, we eat lunch together, we do life together and we celebrate our wins together.

Who made my JOYN bag?

Since we began JOYN in 2010, our focus has been to create holistic, living wage work for those who have needed it most in our local community. We believe creativity is for everyone, whether you’ve come from homelessness, addiction, or whatever your background. In fact, something that drew us to block printing right from the beginning was how accessible it is. It’s a craft that can be mastered with the right training and it’s incredibly empowering taking a blank sheet of canvas and seeing pattern form block by block in your hands.

We’ve had the privilege of seeing this work influence hundreds over the past 13 years. Many of our team are women, who are often sole earners of the family, so we provide on-site childcare as well as an education fund to support their kids. Last year we had the joy of celebrating multiple graduations!

How is my JOYN bag made?

Each JOYN bag is proudly and unfailingly made by hand. We choose not to mass produce, but work in small batch production, each piece going through many processes from start to finish. Hand making may be slower, but our commitment is to people over profit and this “purposeful inefficiency” enables us to create more meaningful work for more people. We believe in slowing down and taking our time to create meaningful products that deserve to exist in our world.

Because each piece is handmade, the finished bags are beautifully unique, bringing you connection, inspiration and a beautiful expression of individuality. We believe when you know who made your products, how they were made and what it means to the maker to see them in your hands, that product becomes not just a bag, but something to treasure forever.

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  • JOYN

    Thank you Portia! We’re so pleased to hear this.

  • Portia Hunstiger

    I have had one of these beautiful purses for 4 years. It stills is In beautiful shape. The time and skill that went into the making of this bag has made it very durable. Thank you for the beautiful workmanship.

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