• Paris with Abigail Watson

    Paris with Abigail Watson

     Summer is here and adventure is calling. When it comes to travel, one of our favourite people to follow is Abigail Watson. From slow living by the sea, city exploring and more, Abigail’s posts and photography inspire us to pack our bags and get exploring. This month we caught up with Abigail to hear her top places to visit in Paris (with a handcrafted belt bag for company!)

    We’ve also rounded up your most loved travel essentials in this Travel Edit. Waterproof pouches, belt bags, weekenders and backpacks, this will have you covered for your next adventure.

    Here are Abigail’s Paris recommendations:

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  • Mothering Moments to Treasure Forever

    Mothering Moments to Treasure Forever
    For Mother's Day this year, we spoke to our JOYN community and asked them to share a mothering moment they'll treasure forever. 

    We know being a mom comes with all kinds of ups and downs, but this year we wanted to celebrate those special moments, the ones that we cherish and hold on to forever.
    Enjoy a read through these mothering moments from the beautiful community that makes up JOYN; block printers, bag wearers, handbag makers, designers and more and a Happy Mother's Day to you.
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  • Fair Trade Gift Guide

    Fair Trade Gift Guide
    This Fair Trade Month, we are reflecting on the importance of choosing Fair Trade. Choosing to put people first, always. From the very beginning of JOYN, that is what we’ve been all about. As we head into the season of sharing gifts, we thought we'd put together a gift guide of some of our favourite Fair Trade gift ideas.
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  • Our Natural Dye Journey

    Our Natural Dye Journey
    As we often say, we have always wanted to make product that deserves to exist. We’ve discovered over the years though, that this is much easier said than done. The hurdles in the way of those two goals are immense, and quite unexpected. You would think you could just choose a path and that would be that, but it’s not quite so simple.
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