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The Sounds of JOYN

June 30, 2014

JOYN is a place of many colours, many different blocks and patterns, many different religions and races and many languages too. This fact is known to anybody who has either spent a little time with us in Rajpur, or has browsed through our website and read/seen our story. What almost nobody knows is that JOYN is also a place of many kinds of music! Every day, any time, walk through any part our workspace- the office, the sewing section and the block-printing section- there is music playing and people singing along. In the office, Carrie will have Coldplay or Guns n Roses playing on her laptop and it turns out, this goes surprisingly well with Malti’s loud Bhojpuri music. With my very limited exposure to Bhojpuri music, I would say it is similar to Hindi and the songs are outrageous with loud beats, hilarious expressions of love or other emotions and many times, not much singing talent! So I sit at my desk, sometimes hearing Carrie humming “lights will guide you home…” and at the same time hearing Malti sing (and this is a very rough translation), “don’t think you can fly away like a parrot, girl; I am on my way to your house with my family and I will marry you”. If you are where I sit, you can see Santoshi didi from the office window, sitting in the corridor with her sewing machine, converting the beautiful block-printed fabric into stunning bags, wallets and other products and she has a music story too. Invariably at the same time every day, she looks disapprovingly at all the English rock/Bhojpuri fusion noise, daintily brings out her own mobile phone and white ear phones, switches on the radio and gets down to work. The boys over at the block printing section are a musical story of their own! In India, you may not always find basic amenities but you will ALWAYS find mobile phones on everybody. So each of these guys has his own music playing on the mobile phone and you can tell a lot about what they are thinking about and what is their mood is, by the kind of music they are playing. For example, a few days back, Santosh drove everybody nearly crazy with the same old Hindi heartache song playing endlessly on loop, “somebody should have told me before I fell in love that it will be nice for a short while but it will hurt forever”. I nagged him all day for details but he just smiled and wouldn’t tell me anything! Now put all this music playing at the same time. It is a riot! Of course, the most pleasing sound to everybody’s ears here is our in-house chef, Jangchup la’s call for lunch. You can see thathere. -Shweta Kakkar, JOYNer

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