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November 23, 2015

MeetKrishnaWhen he and his father,Bobby, first came to JOYN almost two years ago,Krishna was a shy seven year old, who constantly hid behind his father never wanting to make eye contact with anyone.

A photo of Krishna

Today,Krishna keeps us laughing with jokes, his constant smile, and big hugs.

Here is their incredible story and how their lives were changed forever. 

Before coming to JOYN,Bobby andKrishna were homeless, spending their nights in an evening shelter.Krishna was born deaf. This, along withBobby’s drinking, resulted in complete rejection byKrishna’s mother. She left, leavingBobby to raiseKrishna on his own.

 During the day, the shelter they slept in is used by Street Smart, an organization thatJoyCorpsworks with in several ways. One of our JOYN team members, Rakesh, was visiting Street Smart when he metBobby andKrishna.
Not long after, members from the99 Balloonsteam traveled to India and visited the shelter with Rakesh, who told them aboutBobby andKrishna. 99 Balloons team members met with JOYN founder Melody Murray and shared the story of this father and son. Melody invitedBobby to the officesto meet him and hear his story. She decided to offerBobby a full-time position training to be a block printer and gave them both a place to stay at the JOYN offices.
Today,Bobby is an incredibly responsible and talentedartisan, always performing with excellence. He attended the english classes taught through JOYN andnow not only speaks speaks english with confidence, but is responsible for writing thank you notes with each JOYN order - in english. He is currently learning computer basics, and is known and loved by the entire JOYN family.
Krishna had been attending a local school in India that works with disabled children. However, it was difficult forBobby to keep him in school when they were homeless.
After starting with JOYN,Bobby wantedKrishna to have the opportunity to learn again.The school visited the JOYN offices to seeBobby’s new housing, work ethic and commitment to raisingKrishna.
Krishna is once again in this uniquely special school which has helped bothBobby andKrishna communicate with each through learning sign language.

Bobby andKrishna are just two examples of the hundreds of lives being changed through JOYN. Stories like this are why we exist -- it's what keeps us going day after day.

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