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"Mama, I want my yellow beans."

November 22, 20162 Comments

We've been traveling back in the States for 4 weeks now, finalizing some business partnerships, sharing our stories, seeing our friends and amazing family.  All of us are ready to "go home".  India has really grown on us.  It is where we are meant to be.

I was nervous about bringing my 4 and 5 year old back to the States after just 14 months in India.  I was sure after all the mac n' cheese, hot dogs, swimming pools, a trip to the beach and to Silver Dollar City trip, and all the grandparent spoiling, that I would have to pry them away.  I was wrong.  Levi just keeps asking for his yellow beans (that's "dal" or lentils, a very common meal for us). He wants to see all his "uncles" and Rikki and friends and just be "home". Micah told me yesterday,  "Mama, I really think we need to get back to India."  After assuring him that I understood and that we'd be going home soon he said, "But Mama, all those people need some work and we need to get back now."

He gets it.

Even a 5 year old can understand the urgency and importance of creating work and purpose for individuals that might not otherwise have the opportunity. Coming back to the "Land of Opportunity" has once again thrown me into a whirlwind of conflicting emotions.  As Americans, we are so blessed. We don't understand our blessings. Some of America is really willing to give of their resources.  Other Americans have no idea how the "majority world" lives and they could care less about it.  God has blessed America.  Most of the world will never experience the extent of this blessing.  So although we love the blessings He gives us in America, including the good food, fun times, business opportunities, amazing friends, and the world's best family, we are ready to go back home and continue on with what we are made to do...weaving our lives into this sweet little community in North India and doing our part in sharing the blessings we were handed.

We sing with our friends at the ZK house often and David has taught them many American songs, one of which is the good old John Denver song, "Country Roads".  Our version is slightly different in India.  I keep singing it today, as we fly through Tulsa, Kansas City and New York,  just 10 more days before heading back -

"Rajpur Road, take me home, to the place, I belong..."

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Caroyl Osborne
Caroyl Osborne

November 26, 2011

I was so excited to hear that my daughter Tabatha Osborne(Tiffany Haas’s sister) has been in contact with you and planning on a visit.

I was at New Heights the Sunday you spoke and your “heart” message touched mine. I just knew that I had to encourage Tabatha to meet you while she was touring India.

I am confident that your mission will have an impact on her as much as it did me, and appreciate your welcoming invitation!

Cynthia Hickerson
Cynthia Hickerson

September 08, 2011

Joyn your message is so true. God bless you for speaking to Hillcrest last Sunday. I could feel the message coming through your voice. I met you and told you I had gone to India in 2000 and it had changed my life. It brought me into seeing how really rich we are and how blessed. I feel so different from how I use to look at people and life.

I think it is wonderful your boys want to go back to India. It is home to them. All of our children should see how other children live in third world countries. I know I just try to keep them from the TV and get them to play outside. I am blessed to have 9 grandkids all under 9 years of age. I will take them to your site and we will start praying for your ministry and family and marriage. God richly bless you in all that you do. In Him, Cynthia Hickerson

PS I met your mom at the pancake breakfast.

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