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Doing, feeling, and looking good.

November 22, 2016

My first blog post as a JOYN-er… I hope you enjoy and finish reading with a smile, knowing you can make a difference.

Confidence in our fashion choices each day seems to make life flow a little easier, right??  Whenever we put an outfit together with our favorite accessories, we usually have a reason behind that decision- whether it’s comfort & ease, our favorite piece, or just has the perfect color contrast to your ensemble.  Whatever the reason, we always want tofeel good about our choices, and of course, look good too!  That’s exactly how I feel any time I pick up my JOYN pieces.  My favorite cream/gray chevron button clutch always seems to give the gratification I am looking for in a bag.  It is my “old trusty” that I always turn to when I can’t decide.  On days I need a little color I go for the yellow button clutch.  And on the days I need to throw my ipad, laptop, daily planner & a thousand other things in a bag, I choose the over-sized hippie bag to carry those with style.

Any fashionista would adore the colors & designs of JOYN bags, but the meaning behind the handmade bags and textiles are what captured my heart about a year ago.  The precious hands that craft these bags are what make them so amazing!!  Each piece of fabric used for JOYN’s textiles is hand-woven in Northern India by women who have been stricken with illness.  This fabric gives them purpose to fight to become well and opportunity to overcome destitution.  After being woven, the fabric is then blocked printed by local artisans who have been in the blocking printing industry for over 30 years and have the art down to a “T”.  Each piece is then hand stitched to perfection.  I can sew decently, a trait my grandmother taught me as a kid, but I can only dream of being this talented with a needle and thread.  The whole process involves people community-wide and gives them a chance to provide for their families.  Last summer, the Street Smart Cooperative was founded.  It enables JOYN to bring kids off the street to receive vocational training and employment.   Our hope is to increase their trade skills, as well as offer English and Computer skills training.

In an area where poverty is everywhere you turn, JOYN is making a difference and improving lives.  JOYN shows these people love, compassion, hope, generosity, and most of all, JOY.   God has truly blessed me with the opportunity to work with JOYN to ultimately help these amazing people.  Most of us are fortunate enough to buy beautiful home furnishings and stylish accessories.  Why not get a piece that will truly make a difference in someone’s life & yours too.  So the next time you need the perfect day bag, evening clutch for a date with your hunny, or new placemats for that bare table- choose a JOYN piece and feel GREAT because you look good with it, and you helped change someone’s life.

This March we are so happy to be involved with Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week March 5-10th.  JOYN will be featured Thursday March 8th & we hope to see you there!!!  Get your tickets now

We invite you to JOYN us in our effort to connect producers in the developing world with western markets. "Like" our Facebook page. Follow our Twitter. Tell your friends. And definitely buy something!



Until next time,

Lisa Vinson


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