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Fashion for philanthropy

November 22, 2016

What a night! As many of you know, JOYN was featured last Thursday night at NWA Fashion Week. We shared the stage with other incredible local designers, like BonnerBell and Esque, and had the most wonderful time. All 20 of our models looked incredible! Mason’s provided the outfits and we styled those girls like crazy with JOYN products. We had scarves in their hair, around their waste, table runners as shawls, tablecloths as capes, bangles as headpieces…all sorts of craziness! It was so fun to see all of the Spring JOYN items together in one room. Metropolis did a great job with styling, putting all the models’ hair in buns. All the girls strutted down the runway, having a ball, and then lined up together at the end. Lisa and I walked through them at the end holding a poster of our beloved employees in India. It was the perfect end to a phenomenal show. Highlighting those who are the hands and minds behind the fashion…the true artisans. Mel and Rikki showed the gals in India pictures from the night and they just couldn’t believe it. They were so thrilled to see their artwork displayed in front of hundreds of people! Such a joy.

We chose the song “Beautiful Things” by Gungor to be played for our intro video. The chorus go like this:You make beautiful thing, you make beautiful things out of dust. You make beautiful things, beautiful things out of us. Gungor writes this song in response to God’s creation, however, if only for just last Thursday night, I like to think of those lyrics relating to our people in India. Thank you, so much, for making beautiful things out of us. You were in the place of honor on Thursday night, and the true stars of the show. 

Ali Lewis-JOYNer

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