Work makes the mind happy....

November 22, 20162 Comments

This is a reoccurring lesson that I seem to learn every day that I am here in India working on the production side of JOYN. As Americans, most of us never seem to get to learn this lesson. We fill our time with busyness and when we have a moment of spare time, we fill it with more busyness. We never have a lull in the busyness that comes with life to even appreciate the fact that we have work to accomplish. Work to make our day worth while. I seem to find myself busy on days here in different ways that I am busy in the states, because here, my busyness comes not just from the work that a boss has given me to do or from a desire to fill my time with Facebook, but also from the endless need around me. The busyness I feel here comes from the desire to achieve a dream. My dream to see those around me to live in better circumstances. Our artisans dreams to sustain their families and to do the work they love. Just the other day, I sat down with my dear friend, Rucci. She does all of the cutting of the fabric necessary for all of our stitchers to do their work every day. Her job is vital. Day after day, people depend upon her to get her job done so that production can go on as scheduled. One mistake or lull in her work, and she will have a tiny coup d’état on her hands from our stitchers. A few months ago however, she too realized how important it is to have a purpose for waking up in the morning and how blessed she was to have such a vital role in our operations. Rucci was recently engaged. Here, a girl’s life revolves around this time in her life. Her family spent their life savings to ensure that she would have the best wedding possible. The day of her wedding, her fiancé broke it off with no explanation. She took weeks off work, to recover from the situation. After week three, she returned and begged to come back to work. She said that there is no place that she would rather be. She is happy in work. She feels joy in what she does. She has been back for a month now and her cheery smile has returned to her face and her sense of humor is back full force. Work made her mind (and heart) happy again. This is why my work is important to me. I want more people to feel the joy that Rucci feels. I want to spread that purpose to everyone in the world! Rikki Marler JOYNer

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Cecilia Winfred
Cecilia Winfred

November 20, 2012

I praise the Lord for your obedience and commitment to His calling through your service at JOYN. God bless you and your team today and in your future ventures! (This is something that’s very close to my heart.)


November 20, 2012

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“GOD BLESS you all & your mission…”
seeing your w /site …it has really touched my heart…
serving GOD’S childrn & my country…!!! highly appriciated…
how am i be helpful for the JOY Of youall & this mission…!?!
kindly let me know please…
with lots of prayers,love & warm regards …sister in Christ…kt

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