August 04, 2021

Embracing our inner child & curiosity

By Tash Ritz
Embracing our inner child & curiosity


Our JOYN Junior brand was created not only to continue to educate ourselves, but to learn from our young people and to share what we know too. So often, young people lead with questioning the way ’it’s always been,’ they lead with curiosity and the hunger to learn. We want to create a space where we talk about fashion with a purpose no matter a person’s age.

We want to rediscover our own inner child, and what sparks that curiosity inside us. We want to question ourselves and our thinking, to step outside our comfort zones and learn something new. 

But, how do we do this? 

If we think back to where curiosity even comes from, it's a place of new discovery. As young children everything we see, touch, do, smell is a feast for our senses, it's the first time we get to do a lot of things. We get to decide what we like, what we don't and we get to compartmentalize experiences into different categories. 

Isn't it funny as we get older how we start to feel like we've seen it all before, done it before and only when we truly experience something new we can look in wander. 

What sparks wander in you? 

When you were little, what dreams did you have of what your adult-life would be like? I remember telling my dad that I was scared to get old or become an adult because it felt like it was all so serious. My parents always said that a child's work is just to play. 

Can an adults work also incorporate play? 


Here's some ways to spark curiosity or new thinking into your life:

  • Write down what brings you joy, buy a nice notebook or take notes on your device but think of all the things that make you feel excited... is it cooking, baking, sewing, running, travelling, exploring, drawing, connecting with friends, touching the ocean with your toes, walking through a forest... Whatever it is that brings you joy, write it down!
  • Do something new, when we do new things we actually create new neural pathways in our brain! Maybe walk a different way, drive a different route, go to a different coffee shop, sit at a different desk, work from a different environment, not matter what it is, just trying something different can spark something in your brain that brings your curiosity and creativity to life.
  • Stop mindlessly scrolling on your phone, do a digital detox even just for an hour. Sit in silence, read a hardcover book, nap...
  • Actively look to be present in a moment, take a breath, mindfully look around you and take in your surroundings. Look at the art on the walls, look at the people around, look at the furniture, the books, the colours, listen to the sounds around you. Being present and mindful is often the best remedy to ground yourself and experience your surroundings in a new light or a new way. 
  • Ask yourself, what can I do today that will ignite my inner child and bring curiosity into my heart and mind? How can I approach a problem I'm experiencing with curiosity? 


Let's work together to get curious! 

Share some ways below with us about how you're working on getting in touch with your inner child. 

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