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April 24, 2015

JOYN works out of a small town in northern India, at the base of the Himalayas. We love it here and feel privileged every day to be living our dreams through this work. But it often does feel like we are somewhat cut off from the world at large.

Occasionally, we are reconnected with the world in wonderful ways. Recently, an email from theTrue Cost Documentary team was one such experience.

Our business is based on the values of justice, humility, integrity, relationships and excellence. We appreciate our unique culture at JOYN and the values that we follow, while being very aware that we are operating within an industry that is often exploitative in nature, especially for those who are already on the margins.

Laura, from the True Cost Documentary team, sent us a link to the website and the trailer. We huddled around our Founder’s computer, watching the short video-message from Director, Andrew Morgan, and a five minutes’ trailer from the movie. We were blown away. We felt connected. At multiple points in the film, there were strong cries of affirmation from each of us on the JOYN team, as we watched people talk about the importance of businesses existing for more than just profits. We clapped unanimously when the trailer showed a few seconds from Kohl Crecelius from Krochet Kids (we have long considered KKI our partner in this line of work and an inspiration in this business).

Right there in those few moments, in our quaint little town, we felt connected with so many people all over the world - connected with those fighting for justice and recognition of wonderful people like our artisans who make beautiful hand-crafted clothes and accessories. 

JOYN is proud to have had this chance to promote the trailer launch of True Cost Documentary. It is not about one person or even about a small group of people. It is about ALL of us. And it shows how each of us has a role to play in this very achievable task of justice and dignity for garment factory workers.

Please watch the trailer and then share it everywhere. The full documentary release is on May 29. We hope you will join this growing movement and rejoice in the knowledge that you are creating a better world.

Find more about True Cost on theirwebsite 


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