The journey of our Nubuck Collection really began in the remnant markets in Delhi. We came across this beautiful nubuck, tan coloured leather and decided its journey wasn’t complete. There are so many discarded skins in the markets and we can’t give every one of them a home. That day was this one's lucky day. "We took it back and immediately started sketching"

The beauty of Nubuck is really astounding, this leather is hard wearing, but velvety to touch. It wears beautifully over time. In fact the longer you keep a Nubuck piece the more soft and supple the leather becomes, it starts to bear marks of a life well lived and world well-travelled.  

It’s full grain leather; thick, durable and of a very high quality.  We were lucky to find this raw leather in the remnant markets in a variety of colours, tan, grey, black and dusty rose. We’ve designed each bag to have raw edges, straight cut lines but with that rugged look the Nubuck affords.