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At JOYN, we make everything by hand, we choose our materials by heading out to local markets in Delhi, we sample the bags and then we work together to make each one by hand. 

Sometimes this process means we make some little mistakes along the way, maybe the buttons aren’t perfect, the seams aren’t straight or the materials didn’t look just quite how we hoped they would. When this happens, we don’t just throw these products away, it would break our hearts to have these sit in landfill and not be loved or used by someone when we know sometimes something with imperfections, might be just perfect for someone. 

We’ve made a few products that aren’t the perfect JOYN standard but instead of throwing them out, we thought we’d offer them to you along with all of their imperfections. On each product we’ve described what isn’t quite right and we are offering you the cost price for these items, this covers the cost of materials and the time it took to make them by hand. 

We ask that you love these items with all of their tiny mistakes, cherish them from our hands to yours.