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There once was a time, in the beginning of a new century where the world began to look just a little bit grim. There was a monster roaming the earth from the land of Corona. This monster forced people into their homes, isolated and often not able to see their family and friends. It was a time where people couldn’t always work because their jobs could not be done at home. 

But it was one night, in a small town at the northern tip of India, a little lightbulb appeared in the mind of an artist. An artist, who loved to bring joy to people through colour, through design and through inspiration from others around her. 

She had been working for a company called JOYN who employed so many amazing artists but all who had been sent home and locked down because of the Monster that roamed the town. All of the artists couldn’t bring their sewing machines home because they were too big which meant they couldn’t make all the beautiful things that they loved to make. 

But indeed, the lightbulb moment had struck in a time of change, a time of crisis. It was a moment to consider how to use what we have. The skills we have, the people we have, the materials we have remaining and how we could use our homes and our time to continue to create and express. 

And so, the THINGIES were born. Born at a time of strife, a time of need to bring light and joy into the world. Born from scrap materials that would have otherwise gone to waste and time that would have been otherwise wasted too. 

Just like us, the THINGIES are all different shapes and sizes, they are bright, bold, simple, complex. They are unique, they are special and they are born to bring joy. 

The Monster couldn’t hold us back from creating and doing what we love, together as our community of artists created a new generation of little heros. 

We are so pleased to introduce you to all the THINGIES born of this town. 

When you purchase a THINGY you’re also giving back, as 30% of proceeds go into our education fund, supporting our artisans children to get a great education. 

Please note, our THINGIES are limited editions and each one completely unique. Even if you buy two of the same THINGIES they will have their own special qualities because like we said, they’re all their own unique little THINGIES. 

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