The journey of our Travel Collection really began in the remnant markets in Delhi. We came across this beautiful nubuck, tan coloured leather and decided its journey wasn’t complete. There are so many discarded skins in the markets and we can’t give every one of them a home. That day was this one's lucky day. "We took it back and immediately started sketching"

This leather made us think of roads well travelled, of dusty paths and of places we had yet to explore. Its rustic material lent itself to telling that story and out of that, our travel collection was born. 

If this collection does anything for anyone, it would be to inspire people to go. Take a risk. We would urge anyone to cultivate curiosity, and a sense of wonder so that “one day” becomes “today”. 

About our adventure and the meeting of a camel and his friend into the Kutch desert:

Valam Yogi is loved and owned by Mammad Sama. They live and work together out in the Kutch desert bordering between Pakistan and India. Each day they head out to take budding travellers on a journey through their country, to show them the salt plains and the white expanse of the desert. 

Mammad kindly stayed with us during our photo shoot and allowed us to take pictures and videos of himself with his camel, Valam Yogi. 

While we understand concerns about animal welfare, Mammad and Valam Yogi have each other to make a living on the edge of the earth. Without this job and without Valam Yogi, Mammad would have very little to provide for himself and his family. This part of India has been doing this work for generations and we believe in people being able to have work, and showing a true representation of India, where we live, work and create. If you’d like to discuss solutions with us to create jobs, empower people and ensure dignified work please get in contact.