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Free downloadable coloring sheet

Let's Add Some Color

Celebrate creativity with us and have a play with color. 


Download our FREE coloring sheet to print out and fill with color. 

We love to look back over the various prints and collections we have created along the way. They remind us of the people we've met and the stories they've told. This particular print was designed by local artist Rashmi Tyagi. Rashmi is an artist, an illustrator and one of the most creative souls we know. She has a love for all things nature, and an eye for color like no other. She oozes passion for her work and was an absolute joy to work with. 

This Floral print turned out to be one of our all time favorites so we knew we had to turn into a blank canvas ready to fill with color. There are so many colour palette possibilites for this one and we hope you enjoy a moment to play with color.

Download our FREE Floral Print Colouring Sheet




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