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The Story Behind our Spring Prints

The Story Behind our Spring Prints

 An interview with our print designer Rashmi Tyagi

One of our favorite parts of doing what we do is working and collaborating with various artists. We collaborated with illustrator and print designer Rashmi Tyagi @findingmili on our SS2020 collections. 

We asked her a few questions about what inspired our Spring prints.
Read on to really get to know the story behind our product. 

Why is nature so important to you?

Nature is the silent witness of divinity. An ongoing prayer. It’s important to me to see God beyond the realm of right and wrong, beyond the prescribed conditioning and beyond the compartmentalizing and boxing of religion. Nature is where it’s all set free and that’s where I can find God and that’s where I can express that which most resonates with me. 

What is the most magical thing about nature? 

I’ve learned that all nature is devoid of judgment. It’s something Ram Dass used to say about walking into a forest and you’ll never see two trees comparing themselves to each other. You’ll look at a tree and you see it’s attributed and you understand why it’s a little bent away from light or why it’s so tall or why it’s shedding all its leaves. You understand when you’re in nature because that’s what we are made of. Walk into a room full of humans and boom, judgment is the first instinct. Nature points us to a space of no separation and that’s the most magical thing about it.

What is the most magical thing about nature? 

It’s my belief that every story is relevant that has always pushed me to make art. I use art to document these everyday moments for the story they are and also make sense of what these days are about. 

How does it feel to see your designs as wearable art through the JOYN collaboration?

It’s a fantastic feeling. I’ve always thought about the functionality of art and wanted to make art more accessible in our day today. This collaboration with Joyn has been a phenomenal exploration of that space and knowing all the wonderful ways that this helps the community means everything to me. 

When we talk about spring what do you feel? 

Spring is my favorite season so I’m glad you’ve asked me that question. Everything comes alive and everything starts anew. That energy is so compatible with our inner child that you can almost feel the bounce in steps, the chuckle in the corner of the streets and the uncontainable joy. It feels like a dip in cold freshwater surrounded by color and freedom. Dancing under the sun and sleeping under the stars. Just magical. 

Why is Rajpur so special to you? Can you provide a short history of your upbringing in this region?

My family has been here for a good 50 years now. My father and his brothers were brought up here, they raised their children here and we were one of the first few families to move to Rajpur for almost 30 years now. From all the stories I’ve been blessed to hear, Rajpur was this isolated island of its own. And up until very recently, it was still very isolated. I spent the first 22 years of my life growing up here and frankly being completely obsessed with this place. Rajpur provided seclusion from the rest of the town. I loved coming back home from school because the temperature would drop post the Mussourie diversion and the mountains felt so much closer. As a kid, I would do anything to be surrounded by the mountains. In my mind, I would think of them as God’s velvety robes and the concept of a mountain valley was basically a hug from god. I would wander around, go on treks, walk endlessly up and down Rajpur road, and it’s safe to say I’ve explored every inch of what used to be old Rajpur. The colors, the calmness and the spirit of familiarity fed my curiosity as a child. It was just so lavish, so abundance and so close to nature. Beauty in its rawest form. Like Ruskin Bond felt about his days in Mussourie, I feel about my days in Rajpur.

How do you feel about spring as a time for growth, blooming and femininity? 

It’s a time of renewal. It’s when all the Winter shedding and hibernating and healing have been dealt with and all you’re left to do is start again. Life is more circular than we think, and spring somehow completes the circle for us to now finally celebrate. When we celebrate life, we grow out of ourselves and allow ourselves to bloom.

What does starting again mean to you?

It’s an opportunity we get every day. And thankfully we all have this innate optimism that no matter what tomorrow will come again and again. L.M. Montgomery said, ‘Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?’ Isn’t it just so nice?

How did it feel to be part of the You Bloom campaign for JOYN?

I’m very excited to be part of this campaign and represent values that I share with JOYN through my art. 



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  • * karen

    I always Love the “Story behind the artist”! It makes me feel like I’m a teeny part of “sharing her Story” ~ and the “ripple continues” 💗 I love JOYn!!

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