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Slowly & ethically hand crafted using natural, herbal dyes

We’ve gone back to the age-old practice of natural, herbal dyes. An art-form mostly lost with the rise of fast fashion, but one with a rich heritage that has a very low impact on our environment. This ancient practice is non-polluting of the air, water or soil and the dye itself carries medicinal properties that are kind to the skin.

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Slowly and ethically handcrafted in Rajpur

JOYN began in 2011 with a community who came together around the age-old art forms of spinning, weaving and block printing in our small rural town, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas.

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Naturally dyed with Madder & Myrobalan


Madder's leafy tops and clusters of tiny yellow flowers look insignificant. Yet to the dyer, madder is a miracle of nature as its roots contain alizarin, one of the most valuable red dye pigments ever known.


Indigenous to South East Asia, Myrobalan of the Indian Gooseberry is known for its medicinal properties. To the dyer, the fruit creates soothing shades of yellow and green.

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Great workmanship and attention to detail

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