Want ethically manufactured products? 

Work with us, we can design, manufacture or print your brand on a range of bag silhouettes and styles. With over 10 years experience in handmaking bags, wallets, and accessories ethically, we know we can help you get what you need while also providing fair work for our community in India. 

We offer traditional style block printing, ancient in Indian culture and mastered by our Makers. We also provide master leather making and can combine these elements of block printing and leather together to make something unique and special for you. 

At JOYN we do have some minimum order requirements to ensure the orders are large enough to support our Makers in their process. 

What we can offer

  • Bespoke Design 
  • Custom Branding 
  • Custom Printing 
  • Private label 
  • Co-branding partnership with JOYN 

Materials we use

  • Remnant Leather 
  • Recycled Leather 
  • Virgin Leather, ethically sourced
  • Vegan Leather 
  • Canvas
  • Cotton 

Material Printing and Dyeing: 

  • Handblock printing repetitive patterns
  • Handblock printing images 
  • Natural dyeing materials 

Every order is:

  • Handmade
  • Living wages paid
  • Fair trade certified

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The process

1. Design

Step one in turning your dreams into the reality of a physical product is the design phase.

This is where we review your ideas, sketches and plans, and convert them into production-ready designs.

2. Sampling 

Step two is; once you’ve approved the production drawings, we move on to handmaking a physical product that you can then hold in your hands and test yourself, this truly is the fun part. You can see how it feels, how it fits, and how it looks in the real-world.

3. Production

And finally, step three; once you’ve approved your samples, we move onto final production. It’s not very different from the sample phase, as all our bags and accessories are handmade by expert Makers. Whether we’re making one sample, or a run of 5000 products the process is just the same.

Some of our partners

Rachel Cruze



Rachel Cruze “Partnering with Joyn has been one of the greatest joys of my career. Not only are they an incredible business and community, but the wallets they created are beyond perfection. I love the wallets, and—more importantly—the women who use them love them, too!”

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We partnered with Demdaco to bring a new line of fair trade, handmade accessories to their beautiful range. 

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