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Mel Murray - JOYN Founder
Mel is 33. Mother of 2 amazing boys. Wife of 13 years to her crazy-rad husband who shares her passion for working with those in need (www.dehradunguitars.com).  They are living their dream in the mountains of north India.  Her middle name is JOY and she hopes to pass it on to all she encounters.

Rikki Marler - JOYN Maker
An MBA grad with a heart of gold and a spirit of adventure, Rikki lives and works in North India.  She's decent at making chai, but most excellent at drinking it over long conversations with her local artisan friends.  Rikki has a passion to grow the movement of changing lives and bringing opportunity to those in need.  She dedicates her time to producing JOYN - which includes loads of scooter rides, some time at the sewing machine, lots of laughs with our artisans, and the occasional rock-throwing at our local monkeys so they don't steal our goods.  You really should meet her.

Ali Lewis - JOYN Skipper
An adventurer at heart. Grew up in Oregon, has a love for the outdoors, rainy days, and books. Went to Texas Christian University, then to John Brown for her masters. Feels most full when she's helping people be their best self. She currently keeps all of our JOYN ducks in a row.

Darby Hurst - JOYN Matriarch
Our youngest, yet most daring member. Darby and her husband, Jordan moved their lives to North India this past February. Darby works day in and day out with our Street Smart program - managing the educational and vocational training for our Youth Trainees who have left the streets, and a life of begging, to become something much more. Darby has the best hair in the world, a HUGE love for people, an amazing ability to learn language, and a soft heart.

Sarah Murray - JOYN East Coast Girl
Sarah is 35, lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and has always lived in the Southeast.
Mother of 2 adorably sweet children, Wyatt 5, Eliza 3. Wife of 9 years to Joe Murray, who is brother of David Murray. Sarah enjoys gardening, cooking quality food, spending time outdoors, pottery and most of all, she loves getting the chance to mix her love of textiles with something
truly meaningful. Sarah sells JOYN throughout the East.

Lisa Vinson - JOYN Midwest Girl
Lisa is 28, mom to 2 crazy energetic amazing kiddos and wife of crazy energetic, kind- hearted loving husband, Brad, who has an amazing passion for helping others.
Lisa works as a medical rep, but fulfills a passion for giving back, art, and helping spread love by selling JOYN throughout the midwest.