We envision a world where community is connected to the art of hand making - the practice of choosing slow and spending our time to create products that deserve to exist in our world.


It all began in 2011 with a community who came together around the age-old art forms of spinning, weaving and block printing in our small rural town, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. We dreamt of doing business differently, of creating a circular ecosystem where all considerations of the supply chain are taken into account and where the people and craftsmanship behind each product are honored. 


Today our handmade bags are loved by women all over the world, but our dream remains the same - to create products that are good for people and kind to our planet, proudly and unfailingly made by hand. 

Slowly, ethically hand crafted

At the heart of JOYN is our commitment to hand making our products. We celebrate and value the skilled work of our artisans and believe that slowing down the manufacturing process creates true connection to the things we own. When you know who made your products, how they were made and what it means to the maker to see them in your hands, that product becomes not just a bag, but something to treasure forever.

Our maker community

We are proud to be one of the few fashion brands that does it’s manufacturing in house. We believe this gives us true transparency on how our products are made and ensures we can commit to fair living wages, a safe and wonderful working environment, upskilling opportunities and profit sharing with our teams. It means we know our artisans personally, and we get to work together each day from our Rajpur studio, knowing that we are creating something magical.

Kind to our planet

We are passionate about creating a circular ecosystem where all considerations of the supply chain are taken into account. We actively work to purchase remnant leathers and sustainable materials so that we can make our bags without going through the high impact processes of tanning and dying and so that wherever possible, we create beauty with what the earth has already given us. We choose not to mass produce, but work with small, sustainable production runs, each time creating a small batch of handcrafted products, making each one beautifully unique, something just for you.

Forever bags to treasure forever

A JOYN bag is not just another handbag. Because each one is hand crafted from start to finish, they are beautifully unique, bringing you connection, inspiration and a canvas for your own creativity. Each piece tells a story, from design to manufacture, all the way to the final product that lands from our hands to yours. These are forever bags you’ll feel good about wearing season after season, year after year.