Mini Weekender - Clay Jello

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Description: This beautiful Mini-Weekender was designed with every woman in mind. We are a bunch of (trendy) moms who happen to travel a lot, and after years of traveling with annoying bags that were either too small or too big, or didn’t have enough pockets, or wouldn’t shut securely, we just had to come up with a solution. 

Specifications: This Mini-Weekender is made with durable canvas material. It has two external pockets with snap buttons that fasten securely. It has one internal zipper pocket, a phone pocket and miscellaneous pocket. 

Did we mention that it is also the IDEAL mom bag. It’s stunning on the outside with hand blocked print, making it sexy enough to go to dinner with and yet practical enough to fit that lunchbox that you’ve been meaning to clean out all week. Trust us. It’s all you need for diapers, books, wet wipes, bottles and just about everything but the kitchen sink. We really need you to experience this bag. It’s a game changer.

Material: Block Printed Canvas with full grain leather trimmings and antique gold hardware 

Dimensions: 32"L, x 27"H, x 22"D. Handle 22.

Print:  Clay Jello

Leather:  Full grain leather in Sea Green

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Useful, beautiful and fun

I've been an ardent fan and bag lady of all things Joyn for several years now. Just when i think the styles and prints and amazing colors can't get any better, they come out with another winner. I bought this bag as a graduation gift... kinda wanted to keep it myself....

For me, I'm always on the go, and actually keep a weekender packed for the unplanned trip. It's perfect for a quick 1-2 day trip, it's sturdy and it actually brings me joy when i use it (yes, i know that is a little cheesy) I get a ton of compliments. I have both the weekender and the mini and have given both as gifts, you should too!