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We are excited to release our Haveli Range once again but this time in pure naturally dyed Indigo, this is our first experiment with natural dying. In our efforts to make our product better for the earth and better for people we came across a company called Color Ashram, they have a passion for natural dying and a mission to make it accessible to all companies, they have spent a decade developing a patenting scalable process of natural dying.

Indigo has been one of the most sought after colours and has been used for centuries. It is one of the most difficult and time consuming processes of dying which makes it more exquisite. Many companies don’t stay true to the purely natural process, often adding different toxic chemicals to achieve their goal, but Color Ashram uses absolutely no unnatural chemicals in their dying process. For this reason, you will note that the Haveli Indigo range is slightly more expensive than the first Haveli range in white. This is due to the time and process it takes to naturally hand dye and hand make each of these beautiful bags. 

The royal colour of Indigo fit our Haveli Range like a dream and our jaws dropped when we saw the final product. We know you will all love it too. Nothing like a bit of pure Indigo for your wardrobe. 

Description: Haveli Handbag in Indigo is another option in our CrissCross shoulder bag range.  This unique design is sure to make an impression. We’d like to imagine you taking it with you to that ever-so-important meeting, and of course acing the part - you’ll make us so proud if you do! 

Specifications: Triangular shape. One interior pocket and a magnetic closure. 

Please note the hand dyed Indigo takes a little extra time and work, this is why this Haveli Tote varies in price to the Off-White. 

Material: Hand Woven, naturally dyed indigo cotton blend with full grain brown leather trimming. 

Dimensions: 14"L x 7"H x 3.4"W, Handle 24" closure 1.5"

Leather Color: Brown Natural Dye: Indigo

Leather colors may vary due to the type of leather we utilize for this bag.

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Beautiful product

Your purse exceeded our expectations. Great workmanship and attention to detail