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Make Your Own Market Tote with Laura Prietto

Make Your Own Market Tote with Laura Prietto

Nothing quite compares to the beauty of handmade. Each detail tells a story as care and creativity is poured into something beautifully unique; a one-of-a-kind piece, something just for you.

This week we teamed up with Laura Prietto for a DIY spin on our ever-popular market tote. Based in Southern California, Laura creates beautiful nature inspired makes and tutorials and we loved collaborating together on this simple, yet effective potato print tote inspired by our very own Grid Print Market Tote.

Potato Print Tote Instructions

1. Slice a potato in half length wise.

2. Trace a square (I used a toy block) in the centre of the potato with a toothpick. Continue tracing the square along the edges til you have what looks like a hashtag sign.

3. Use a kitchen knife to scrape out the squares of the potato leaving only the outlines.

4. Brush an even coat of paint (I used acrylic) on the stamp. I recommend testing the stamp out on paper to see how it will look.

5. When you’re ready, start stamping your canvas tote from the top left hand corner. Line up your stamp carefully below the first imprint and continue making a row down. Then move to the right with another vertical row and so forth. You’ll likely need to reapply paint after each stamp for a consistent look

6. Any gaps in the imprints can easily be filled in with a brush. Allow to dry and you’ve got an awesome one-of-a-kind tote!

Thank you to Laura Prietto who you can follow on Instagram here.

You can find our market tote here!

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