Natural Dyes Collection

This is something we've dreamed about for a long time and we decided to put these dreams into action and experiment with natural dye. It’s always been at the back of our minds to make this switch and maybe we’ve been waiting for “just the right time” - well, we made it happen. As we experimented we realised just how much we loved the muted tones, the process, the way the blocks communicated the design so perfectly and how the hand woven material soaked it up. 

It’s amazing when something becomes so much more than a product, when it becomes a dance between material and human. A respectful balance between the earth and the person taking from it. When it becomes a slow meditation. That’s the balance we want to strike as much as we possibly can. 

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Haveli Gold comprised of Madder and Myrobalan (or Indian gooseberry)

Chebula Black comprised of: Harda - terminalia chebula, Iron, Dhavid - galls of tamarisk and tamarind