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FOUND BY JOYN - A Photography Series

FOUND BY JOYN - A Photography Series

Nestled in the Himalayan foothills is KKM. Once a bustling hub of spinning and weaving, now out of use, quiet and still. Looms sit gathering dust and jewel coloured skeins of yarn hang from the rafters strewn with cobwebs. 

We first came across KKM back in 2011. After months of searching for hand woven textiles, we stumbled across a thriving village of artists. It was a beautiful, lush green oasis filled with busy activity from the women working the gardens to the click clacking of looms and foot pedals rocking back and forth.

Today the place is still and quiet, but hidden at the back a small shop remains. A treasure trove filled with the last of the hand woven textiles created here. You can feel the beauty of hours poured into each ream of canvas now piled up upon the old work surfaces. Such craftsmanship hidden away, but with a story yet to tell. 

FOUND BY JOYN is a small capsule collection sharing the untold story of this hand woven canvas. In this photography series, we follow the journey of the fabric, from cotton, to loom, to four handcrafted silhouettes.

Let's begin at the creaky, metal gates that welcome you into a lush, green garden surrounding the spinning and weaving halls. Our first stop is the main entrance, an ageing white washed, building with old green doors.

We stop next at the cotton store; a room full of bundles of cotton in all its forms. From raw, fluffy and white to skeins of hand-spun yarn ready for the looms.

Our journey continues to the main hall, it feels like the place was left abruptly, with no chance to say goodbye. Foot pedal looms sit warped and ready for use. Spinning wheels and spindles are propped against the walls gathering dust and yarn in all colours hangs from the rafters.

From here to a small shop hidden at the back. A treasure trove of the last of the hand woven textiles created here - table runners, towels, blankets and carpets. Old ribbons and notions stored in baskets and reams of canvas sit piled up along dusty shelves and across the old surfaces.

Our final stop is the old stone steps just outside the building. A place or rest set in peaceful gardens. It's where artisans would sit in the cool of the shade, chatting away while taking a break from their craft. 

FOUND BY JOYN is a small capsule collection sharing the untold story of this hand woven canvas. 

Photography: Sean Tuckey

Model: Nicole Alice

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  • JOYN

    We’re so pleased you enjoyed this series. We hope for this very much too.

  • Jean

    I love seeing behind the scenes and hearing the stories behind the art. Thank you for these beautiful pictures and artful storytelling. I hope that this once busy shop can be revitalized with community and meaningful work!

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