• In Conversation with Namrata from Color Ashram on Natural Dyes

    In Conversation with Namrata from Color Ashram on Natural Dyes
    It's not often a brand can say their products are hand woven, naturally dyed and handmade so we are so proud to share out Indigo Haveli Collection with you. We couldn't have done this without the good people at Color Ashram Foundation, a Natural Dye Training Studio based in Rajpur. With 20 years of experience in certified natural dyeing, Color Ashram offer a new way of dyeing. A natural and scalable a solution to water pollution in the fashion industry. We had the privilege of asking Namrata from Color Ashram all about natural dyes, the processes involved and importance of natural dyes...
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  • JOYN Travel Collection Diaries

    JOYN Travel Collection Diaries
    We first started this journey based on a conversation with a beautiful lady named Aditi, whose embroidery company, RUAS, works with artisans from the villages in Kutch, Gujarat. Being a team always up for an adventure, we were dying to see how we could collaborate with this brand. The spark in Aditi’s eyes when she was talking about visiting all these villages had us convinced that there was something in this idea that we absolutely needed to explore. 
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  • JOYN's commitment to Fashion Revolution

    JOYN's commitment to Fashion Revolution
    We don’t say this lightly; we are IN on the Fashion Revolution. Because we live and work with our artisans; many of whom have grown up in challenging and vulnerable communities, we have seen firsthand the potential for abuse and mistreatment of humans and the world’s resources. We would like to be at the front of the wave that is pursuing change. 
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  • The Story Behind our Spring Prints

    The Story Behind our Spring Prints
    One of our favorite parts of doing what we do is working and collaborating with various artists. We collaborated with illustrator and print designer Rashmi Tyagi @findingmili on our SS2020 collections. 
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